UBS Language Services

Program Overview

University Business Services (UBS) strives to ensure all university staff and customers can communicate in a language they are comfortable using. Translation, transcription, and interpretation services (verbal or American Sign Language) provide employees and customers with meaningful access policies, programs, and trainings. Central funding is available for most UBS clients. Concurrently, Google Translate is a free tool that can assist in some cases, and especially for use on websites. UBS will assess language preferences and needs to form a long-term strategy.

Services offered include:

  • Translation of written documents
  • Transcription of recorded audio/video
  • Translation of recorded audio/video with captioning
  • Live translation via phone or video

Request Process:

  • Visit the HRSS ServiceNow Portal (if not already logged in, close the browser window and click the link again after doing so).
  • Click on “Request a Service, Supervisors & Departmental Liaisons”.
  • Click “Language Services”.
  • Be prepared to upload your document or video.
  • For files larger than 1 GB, please include a UT Box link.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a free tool for written text that has worked well in many languages. This is recommended as another option for written translations when certification and/or confidentiality are not required. A Google Translate button is also available for use on websites. Try it now in the upper right-hand corner of this page!


To learn more about the Language Services Program or offer suggestions, please contact UBS Business Services or use the anonymous feedback form.


110 Inner Campus Drive Stop G4900 
Austin, Texas 78712




MAI 102

University Business Services personnel often work remotely. Please schedule meetings in advance.