FAS Language Services

Financial and Administrative Services (FAS) has a diverse and multilingual workforce and customer base. An inclusive workplace is one in which all employees can communicate in a language that they can best receive information and express themselves. Written translation or interpreter services (verbal or American Sign Language) will provide FAS employees with meaningful access to various FAS and university content, including policies, programs and trainings. FAS Business Services (FBS), FAS Human Resources Support Services (HRSS), FAS Communications and the Director of Diversity and Talent Management are collaborating to explore the needs of units and individual staff members to create a comprehensive solution.

One aspect of this venture is a pilot program using written and spoken translation services from certified and impartial professionals. Concurrently, Google Translate is a free tool that can assist in some cases, and especially for use on websites. FAS will assess language preferences and needs to form a long-term strategy. Surveys and events guided by the FAS Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee, as well as data collected from the pilot program, will determine the future format and scope of language services in the portfolio.

Translation and Transcription Pilot Program

These services will be housed in FBS and centrally funded, with no cost to departments or staff. The initial rollout will include leadership messages prioritized by the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (SVP/CFO) and other communications as requested by departmental leadership and arranged by FBS via the FAS HRSS ServiceNow Portal.

Department leadership can request translation of written materials. Staff can request translation services for meetings with HRSS. To request these services:

  • Visit the FAS HRSS ServiceNow Portal (if not already logged in, close the browser window and click the link again after doing so)
  • Click on “Request a Service, FAS Supervisors & Departmental Liaisons”
  • Click “Language Services”
  • Be prepared to upload your document or video
  • For files larger than 1 GB, please include a UT Box link

Services offered include:

  • Translation of written documents
  • Transcription of recorded audio/video
  • Translation of recorded audio/video with captioning
  • Live translation via phone or video

Current languages identified by FAS:

  • Arabic
  • English
  • Farsi/Persian
  • French
  • Kinyarwanda
  • Spanish
  • Swahili
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

If FAS content could benefit you or one of your colleagues in a language not listed above, please share via the EDI Committee’s Idea Catcher.

Google Translate

FAS Communications has experimented with using Google Translate as a free tool for written text. This has worked well in the test languages for both messaging and website translation. This tool is recommended as another option for written translations when certification and/or confidentiality are not required. A Google Translate button is also an option for use on FAS websites. This is already live on the main FAS website (located in the upper righthand corner) and will be rolled out to other units in coming months.


To learn more about the FAS Language Services Pilot Program or offer suggestions, please contact FAS Business Services or use the EDI Committee’s Idea Catcher.